by Ted the Block

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released May 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Ted the Block Oakland, California

Winston Goertz-Giffen of Saything (the atypical Oakland thought-rock band) is Ted the Block, a one-man band that floats around the Oakland art scene. His musical inventions, like a crackly reverse-feed headphone-microphone, and unusual orchestration combine to form soulful noise-pop that is accessible and moving, incorporating free-jazz-style trumpeting and ambient synthesizer tones. ... more

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Track Name: Leave Your Hat at the Door
We should be leaving
What's worth believing
To all the grieving
Reduce it to nothing

I can't chew the fat
Down to the bone
That does not mean I want to dine alone.

Leave your hat at the door
Won't need your head anymore
Leave your shoes at the door
Won't need to walk anymore
Track Name: Kicking Down the Ladders
Common sense only complicates
The way from me to you
What a confusing thing to say
But wonderful to hear

You sounded like a question
And I didn't have the answer
I said "I'm kicking down the ladders,
Hanging from the rafters,
wondering what I'm after,
Sick of being tired."

"So hold on," you said.
"Hold on, you're no good to me dead."

Did I hear the answer
coming from a stranger?
I think I can remember
My way down.

I'm coming down.
I'm coming down.

I write my own prescriptions
Just because I can
It's a strange occupation,
Being a human.

Let's never sever
I'll keep it all together
Forget all the promises,
the facts, and whatever
it is we want.
As I stare at the sun
I see all the things
That I'd like to believe.

Let's never sever.
I'll keep it together.
Track Name: Strangers in the Same Device
Picked apart,
I found a sort of empty glee inside of me
Decided then
To throw it to the wind
And a smile widened

I took it as my own
I tried to take it home
But I'm constantly reminded
I can't own the horizon

Look out for your feet
They might be in concrete
If they feel like moving on
Kick me loose and let's get gone
Get gone

Contemplating a stranger's face
Picking out the common traits
I can't look away
I'm in there somewhere
I'm in there somewhere

Nice, nice, so very nice, nice
So very nice
Strangers in the same device

There I am
There I am

Let's forget our fears
And take to the streets
I know it's just the world we settled on
To settle down
It isn't real.

Oh, no.
Track Name: Nobody is Real
Do you ever feel
like nobody's real?
Well, please don't fight
You're probably right

It's good to be
You and me

Laying in the street
In our bare feet
Watch the shadow go
It touches my toe.

It's good to be
You and me.
Track Name: Cocoon
I'll keep your
secret from the sun
Where your self ends
and we have begun
What you adore
Is what's at the door
What you abhor
Is what's at your core

So hide grows thicker and thicker
Calloused hands grabbing nothing but fingers
Still we crawl hither and thither
Not noticing we're all caterpillars.

Hey you flies
Try this one on for size
Spin yourself a jacket
And fit it for a king
Cut all of the strings and sleep
Where you sing

They can kill me in my sleep
When I wake up
I'll be breathing
My eyes and yours-
Just metaphors
For waking up
For waking up
The wings I make
Will take me home
When I wake up
When I wake up
Track Name: Much Was Done
And if I'm lucky
I'll be there in twenty
Won't fall down the hill
I'll take all of my words
And throw them away
As I tredge up the hill
I'm here for a good time
Not for a long time
I'll make peace with it all

Much was done

Blunder my wonders
I'm going under
Her beautiful skies
Dreaming of seeing
And truly believing
Her beautiful skies
And if I'm lucky
I'll be there in twenty
Be there in twenty
In the meantime
Remember my dreams

Much was done
Track Name: Getting a Head
I found a quiet place to rest
Where for to watch acquilescence
Of converging points of view
And in a daze decided to
Leave the days that I've accrued-
The sieve that I'm sifting through

In the shade of the memories
of the twilight of what's to be-
I'm sediment in the ebb and flow
Settling into a hundred stones

On a whim I flew a kite
But I'm not an anchor line
So carefully I let it go
I let it go
I watched it crashing through the clouds
Like a punctuation to a thought
Dot dot dot...
Shrinking in the nonsense of my memory

I'm used to chipping away at the same old block-
The fake world full of momentary ens
You know I won't shape the life I imagine
I'm loosely attached to the appellation-
Hanging by a thread.

Hanging by a thread.
Track Name: Dust in Your Waking Eyes
I'm tired and I'm cold
My feet feel so old
But flesh is a test
of the time that I stole

My fingers were change
I still broke the bank
And spit pennies
Like truth on childish dreams

My gestures are wishes
It all comes to me
to do as I please

And as the light dimmed
You enjoyed yourself
In peripheral sin

We glanced
We glanced
I threw up my hands
A moment we shared everything

I'll be by the fire
There when it's out
Crumbling, charred, and gray
Waiting to be blown away

And when daylight comes
and my worth is gone,
Still happy I stayed
As dust in your waking,
your waking eyes,
Dust in your waking eyes.

Dust in your waking eyes...